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Nature'sEssence born out of a modest budget and inspired thought was created in theyear 1998 to carve a niche amongst the beauty jungle where the giants were morethan happy to crumble minnows like us.

However with the incredible and firm spirit, Nature's Essence has stood thetest of time and grown to a USD 30 million growing now at the speed of nauticalmiles, throwing caution to the winds and to the endearing competition. NaturesEssence wishes to break into the 50 millon USD club by 2016-17


Thecompany now has 5 established manufacturing facilities at Haridwar in Indiawith a capacity of around 100 million USD and every effort is being made tomatch the sales so that the capacities could be further extended.Infrastructure wise, the company rubs shoulders with peers, 3-4 time its sizeand has the best of plant and machinery in its genre. All the plants areautomatic with equipment's for every type of packaging and manufacturing requirement. 



TheCompany has a robust distribution network with over 1200 direct distributorsand many indirect distributors ably supported by a 1000 strong field force. Theproduct is now available in around 2000 cities and towns and plans are beingcharted for strong rural exploration to extend the reach to the deepesttrenches of the nation. The product is currently being sold through around100000 salon and 25000 retail counters with an estimated consumption by around2500000 consumers.


TheCompany is currently exporting to over 25 countries including Malaysia, SriLanka, Thailand, Nepal, Mauritius, New Zealand, Reunion Islands, South Africaand Canada etc. 


NaturesEssence is having one of the most evolved product mixes with over 500 offeringsfrom categories in skin care, hair care, body care, soaps and color cosmeticsand also masters the art of education for the practicing beauticians. These 500sku's are categorized under the brand names of Natures Essence, Magic, MagicAyurveda and Nature's Professional.


Thecompany is in the process of opening its exclusive stores throughout thecountry which will make it easier for the regular buyers of the brand to locatethe products. The company has also opened kiosks at some premium malls ofDelhi. 


Qualitymanagement is a key initiative and the company adheres to stringent checks inline to the requirements of being an ISO 9001:2008 and a GMP certified company.The company now aims to further the accreditations from top notch qualitywatchdogs and would soon raise the bar to the next level. 


Nature'sEssence is a brand which welcomes young enthusiastic professionals who wish tomake it big in the corporate world and wish to grow in leaps and bounds withthe fastest growing company in its segment. There are exciting opportunities inthe field of sales, marketing, production, media, distribution, officeadministration and promotional divisions of the organization. It's pleasure forthe organization to be instrumental in nurturing many a corporate and careerdreams. Welcome aboard. You may apply for a position in Nature’s Essence bysending your resume at

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