Thepromoters of Nature’s Essence also own a media house by the name of Magic MediaWorld that is engaged in publishing magazines and organising events. The 3magazines are:

Ravishing Wedding

RavishingWedding as the name suggests concentrates on the latest and most beautifulwedding trends. It’s a dream come true for people who are engaged and about toget married. All they need to do before they set for shopping is to give a peekinto this section and they would be wiser on deciding and spending.

It is a perfect read for the elite andintellectual masses of the society and it primarily focuses on the weddingindustry covering, topics like Bridal Beauty, Trousseau, Groom’s Grooming andapparels, Wedding Jewellery, Wedding Décor & Event Management, Gifts,Relationships and Honeymoon Destinations. It pretty much covers the entiredomain of Indian weddings and is an apt read for all who are ready to tie theknot. It is also appealing for the Indian Women in general as it brings tonotice, the reigning wedding trends.


 It has positioned itself as a modern andcontemporary magazine, which gives new look to the society through and alsostands out for its new and exciting columns on wedding by prominent writers andinputs by the various experts who are among the best in their respectivefields.


Sunanda is a guide and a friend for the beauty conscious women of today. It depicts thelatest trends and techniques of makeup & hairstyling along with knowledgeof the color trends and styling. The various sections of the magazine covertopics like makeup, beauty regimes, skin & hair care, body care, hairstyling, fitness, yoga, salon & spa interiors, nail care and nail art etc.The magazine has a niche segment of beauty and wellness and is available acrossIndia in most of the A & B class Salons and spas. It is a popular magazinefor women in general who want to look and feel good about themselves. Ittargets the salon owners, teenagers, youngsters and middle aged women as well.It enjoys monopoly in the Hindi beauty magazine market with its solo presence.


Meri Sajni

A complete womenmagazine for the woman of all age group focusing on all the essential issuesfashion, health, lifestyle, beauty, cookery, relationships, useful necessarytips used in day to day life and all the latest topics with some masala and twists.In short a complete infotainment. 


“MeriSajani” has been positioned as a Hindi magazine with a contemporary approachgiving a new fresh perspective to the society with its reader friendly editorialcoverage. Currently our readers are approximately 5 lacs people and day by day increasing.We have covered almost the entire country and it is our commitment to reach atno.1 position.

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